Current Projects

New and established churches in Asia and Latin America have a basic need for a process for training leaders and mobilizing laypeople for greater impact within their communities. Specifically, churches in the Philippines, Japan, Mexico and Panama, where we have laid the foundations for church mobilization, there is a responsiveness by missionaries, pastors and national leaders to the Retool Kit Pathway© we have published for renewing leaders and refocusing vision in local churches.

Mexico, Panama, Latin America

  • In Mexico, where evangelicals are now estimated to have reached 8.3% of the population and are growing at a rate of over 3% annually, there is an openness to evangelical ministries to counter the growing problems of gangs, drugs, kidnappings and violence. Pinnacle is coming alongside missionaries in Monterrey and Tecate for Retooling churches and training leaders.
  • In Panama, where evangelicals number 19% of the population, there is a growing spirit of nominalism in the established church, as well as a strong flow of English-speaking people who come to work for a 2-3 year period of time but lack meaningful ministries to transform their lives.  Pinnacle Ministries is beginning to work with an American church planter who is planting an English-speaking church who also has a passion to use Retool Kit in Spanish language churches, many of which are plateaued, declining and dying.


  • In the Philippines, where evangelicals are now estimated to have reached 12.3% of the population and are growing at a rate of over 3% annually, there is a growing spirit of cooperation among evangelicals to join together to strengthen the church and counter the forces of spiritual warfare and false religions. Pinnacle Ministries is working through the Baptist Conference of the Philippines, with over 400 churches, and increasingly engaged with other denominational groups in bringing transformation and growth to established churches who, as they grow in vision and passion, are planting new churches.


Current Updates (2015) on the Philippines and Japan – Click Here


  • In Japan, where evangelicals number just 0.5% of the population, the doors to the Gospel have begun to open in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  Pinnacle Ministries has been working with leaders of the Rengo, a fellowship of 66 Baptist churches, to develop fresh vision for ministry and impact that will spread among other evangelical groups to enable small and struggling churches connect with their community and expand their impact.