Posted on: September 17th, 2012

“Get Real!”  How many times have we heard that little phrase; sometimes as an exclamation and sometimes as a challenge.

Getting real was a great description of our time together at the Retool Kit Coaches’ Training at Green Lake.  I (Gary) focus my training efforts on “Track One” coaches – those who are just starting out and help the church work through the first year of the pathway.  We were fortunate enough to have some experienced pastors who also had coached a church in attendance, and my was the discussion “real”.  How real?

To understand that, you need to know just a bit about Retool.  In the first part of the pathway, we look to understand the health and effectiveness of the “heart” of the church as evidenced by their core functions (Cause, Community and Corporation or structure).  Then we talk about how disciples and leaders are developed, using the model Jesus gave us.  We ask how the “heart” of the leaders are doing, especially in the areas of life transformation, loving interdependence and spiritual reproduction.  Finally, we examine the health of the church community itself – if the “immune system” (the “one anothers” of Scripture) are functioning well, and if the church know how to fight in a Biblically healthy fashion.  As you can imagine, such topics raise lots of practical questions, such as:

  • How do we know when our church is “bumping up” against one of the Cause, Community or Corporate circles, and thus inhibiting our growth?
  • Does anybody really have a holistic system for developing disciples and leaders??  How do I help encourage people to move from one stage of growth to another and not just plateau?
  • What does emotional healthy really look like, anyway?
  • How do I deal with previous patterns of sinfulness in the church that might be manifesting themselves today?
  • How can I help levels of conflict not spiral out of control and come to healthy conclusions?
  • Can you help me to figure out a healthy way to conduct Biblical discipline of a wayward member?


Real questions, are they not?  It’s always fun to see something familiar through fresh eyes.  We had a brother from the Dominican Republic attend, and he asked the “real” real question.  He said that none of the churches he was familiar with at home ever tackled this stuff, content to just do church.  His question…”When will  you come and help us introduce Retool to the churches of the Caribbean?”

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