Desire greater impact for your church?

Posted on: September 5th, 2013

Impact.  The word implies cause and effect. By definition (Webster), impact can mean: a striking of one body against another, a forceful contact, or, the force of impression of one thing on another.

Impact can be positive or negative. The impact of a hammer directly striking a nail and driving it into its intended target is positive. The desired result is achieved. The impact of a car striking another car on a busy highway can be disastrous, costly and even deadly. An unintended, undesired result occurs.

What kind of impact does your church have on the lives of people in your community?  Positive, negative or none at all? It can be sobering to discover that many in your community may not even know your church exists.

Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.” (Matthew 16:18) His words give the impression that a church that truly confesses Him to be Lord and Savior will have a forceful impact on those it seeks to reach.  He never intends His Church to reside incognito in any surrounding.

There is a compelling picture that has often been used to illustrate the impact of Jesus’ ministry here on earth.  It is that of a pebble dropped in a still body of water, where the impact sets off a ripple of circles with ever-increasing effect.

Your church is the pebble Jesus can use to affect the lives of an ever-increasing circle of people in your community and other communities around the world.

So what is the impact of your church?  How do you measure impact? What should the church look like? How should the church behave? What is YOUR church supposed to be doing?

These are the questions addressed in Becoming A Church of Impact, a one day Conference designed for pastors and their key leaders.  If you are not asking the right questions, it’s hard to come up with meaningful answers.

Many churches today have the right intent, but haven’t pursued the steps they need to take to have meaningful community impact.

Moving toward impact is a journey.  Becoming A Church of Impact will guide your leadership team through the 5 Mile Markers you need to follow to be sure you make the impact Christ intends.

Pinnacle Ministries would like to extend an invitation to you and your leaders to attend one of our regional conferences. Check the events calendar on the home page for upcoming Conference locations. We are convinced that the tools you receive in this one day conference will impact your ministry – and your community.

Download a brochure, check out the coming events and register your team for a day that could change the impact of your church for years to come.