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Back to Japan!!

Joe and Felicia Isosaki

This is our third mission trip to Japan! We are excited to have the opportunity to visit the people and churches of Shingu, Tamagawa, Niiza and Machida again and to serve with our God-given abilities. We have visited Japan twice now, for a total of 10 weeks! God is truly moving among the Japanese people. In total we have seen 15 children dedicate their lives to Christ and 2 young adults! As the result of our recurring trips people are now engaged in Bible studies at Shingu Christ Baptist Church and continue to bring their children to church to learn about Jesus Christ and the good news.  

This upcoming trip is July 29th to August 14th. This year we will be bringing our six month old son Hezekiah with us as well as two other high-schoolers, Hawi and Preston! Our team is growing, which means we will have more opportunities to reach out to the youth of Japan. The churches in Japan will not only have opportunities to reconnect with us but they will get to meet the new members of our team as well. We have no doubt that this will expand our influence in the Japanese churches. While in Japan for our THIRD trip we will continue the ministries we participated in previously. This is mainly comprised of English Café’s for both children and adults, leading worship and Bible studies, preaching sermons and participating in multiple Vacation Bible School camps.

As is true for any trip, finances are on our mind. For this missions trip to become a true reality we will need both prayer and financial support. This year each individual will have to raise around $3500 American dollars to travel to and within Japan, as well as eat.  We are asking for you to seek the Lord for his guidance on giving. If he has placed it in your heart to continue your way of giving to us then please follow the Spirit’s leading.

If you find yourself being called to support us through prayer or finances or you are just plain interested in what the team is up to in Japan, you can check out our website: This website contains tons of information on each of us and what our trip will look like. You will also find information on how to give through joining our prayer and/or financial support teams. If you do not wish to give financially through our partners Pinnacle Ministries then you can send us your gift directly by mailing to 4153 Wenbrook Drive, Cincinnati OH 45241.

Thank you for considering supporting our trip through prayer and/or finances. We sincerely appreciate the relationship we have with you and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail one of us.

Sincerely, Joe and Felicia Isosaki                               Joe:    Felicia:


Dr. Makoto Fukui gives thanks

Thank you for sending Joe and Felicia to partner with us in our ministry in Japan. We welcome their great passion and sacrificial spirit based in faith. They will be serving in churches in the Shingu region (the east side of the mainland), a very rural area, and in three or four churches in the Tokyo urban area. They will be assisting us in English conversation classes, an English cafe, children’s summer camps,  and, English contemporary worship. Our prayer is that these ministries will be fruitful, attracting new people to our churches, and moving our churches forward towards greater effectiveness in reaching our communities. It has been nearly 200 years since Japan opened its doors to Protestant churches, and yet less than 1% of the population is Christian. So pray that Joe and Felicia will help our churches discover new ways of reaching people with the Gospel, and partner with them financially to make their vision a reality this summer.

~Pastor Makoto Fukui, Tamagawa Christian Church, Director of Missions for the Rengo Association of Churches. 

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