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The Beautiful Feet Project

Joe and Felicia Isosaki are co-founders of the Beautiful Feet Project.

The Beautiful Feet Project strives to equip people to navigate the steep learning curve of ministering to the Japanese, so that they can strategically leverage their unique gifts and passions to create access to Christ, changing the spiritual landscape of Japan.

We aim to use the spiritual giftings of our individual team members to best serve the interests of the churches in Japan so they are better equipped to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to their local communities.

We have partnered with Pinnacle Ministry for the past 5 years as “boots on the ground” missionaries. This has accelerated the adoption/application of the retool kit in multiple churches in Tokyo and Shingu (a rural fishing village.)

This year we will be serving three regions of Japan. We will be doing a 1-week vision trip in Northern Japan (Iwate and Sendai) to build new partnerships and connect small churches with the retool kit. We will spend four days in Tokyo leading TamaYuriShiki camp which is a multi-church English version of vacation bible camp. We will end our trip in Shingu with a week of community outreach and English kids camp.

We are confident that God will provide the $10,500 need for this year’s trip.

If you are interested in connecting, our website has blog postings, prayer requests, and more.

If you are interested in supporting our ministry this year, click this link.

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Dr. Makoto Fukui gives thanks

Thank you for sending Joe and Felicia to partner with us in our ministry in Japan. We welcome their great passion and sacrificial spirit based in faith. They will be serving in churches in the Shingu region (the east side of the mainland), a very rural area, and in three or four churches in the Tokyo urban area. They will be assisting us in English conversation classes, an English cafe, children’s summer camps,  and, English contemporary worship. Our prayer is that these ministries will be fruitful, attracting new people to our churches, and moving our churches forward towards greater effectiveness in reaching our communities. It has been nearly 200 years since Japan opened its doors to Protestant churches, and yet less than 1% of the population is Christian. So pray that Joe and Felicia will help our churches discover new ways of reaching people with the Gospel, and partner with them financially to make their vision a reality this summer.

~Pastor Makoto Fukui, Tamagawa Christian Church, Director of Missions for the Rengo Association of Churches. 

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