Coaches’ Corner

Welcome Coaches!

The Coaches’ Corner is designed to provide you with some useful tools you can download to update and enhance your coaching abilities.The links in blue below will enable you to download documents that you can use.  Simply click in the blue title and the download should begin.

NEW! Revised Readiness for Change Survey

Getting ready for Retreat #3? Check out the newly revised Readiness for Change Survey.  It is easier to use and to process so download it and give it a try!        READINESS FOR CHANGE ASSESSMENT

WHAT’S THE PLAN? – Tips for Regional Directors and Coaches

Now is an important time for making sure things are on track for Churches moving towards their final retreat. Check out these practical tips.    What’s the Plan?  (pdf)

More Tips for Coaches:  Tips for Retreats 3 & 6   (pdf)


Percept has changed! The demographic study that is vital to the Community Assessment Team between Retreat 3 and Retreat 4 has changed their pricing and their accessibility to data.  They now provide 2 tiers of information, First View for $85 and Ministry Area Profile for $219 (previously only one version for $315).  They also provide you with the results of your study online in a digital format that you can easily access and use in presentations (previously you could only get a printed report and had to wait several weeks to receive it).  Some churches might want to consider getting both, while others (small town and rural communities) might only need the First View study.  Most churches will want to purchase the Ministry Area Profile to get a more in-depth analysis of the community.  Check it out before the church you are coaching gets to Retreat 3 and talk it over with the pastor.  Ministry Area Profiles

Assessing Our Ministry Systems This document expands what is currently in the Church Assessment Team materials and enables them to incorporate their NCD score with their systems analysis. (Replaces Leadership Team Workbook 1, page 69)


(The highlighted items are pdf download files):

RTK Strategic Prayer Guide – Retreat 1   One page guides for effective prayer prior to each retreat experience.

Leadership Prep Study This document is the handout that you will distribute to the Vision Community at their orientation to help them prepare for the 1st RetoolKit Retreat.

RetoolKit Brochure This document can be printed and used to promote the RetoolKit Pathway at Preview Events.

Emotionally Healthy Church Discussion Guide This study guide includes the discussion questions from the 1st edition of the book, with an additional set for the new chapter in the 2010 edition.  (Note: The 2010 edition of the EHC does not include the study questions.)

Making Peace Study Guide 2.0 This document is a very simple study guide for triads that desire to study through the book between Retreat 2 and Retreat 3.

Next Steps in Retooling A great handout for the Leadership Team of the church after they commit to engage in the RetoolKit Pathway.
Invitation to the Vision Community A sample letter to send to prospective Vision Community participants.

Welcome to the Vision Community A half page welcome note to those who have accepted the opportunity to be a part of the Vision Community.

Vision Community Welcome Letter A sample email that a coach used to introduce himself to the Vision Community.