• Welcome To Pinnacle!
    We live in an age of both tremendous challenge and tremendous opportunity for pastors and churches. Pinnacle exists to help church leaders scale to new heights of ministry impact in these troubled times. How may we help you?
    Does your church have a shared vision and effective strategies to carry out Christ's mission? If not, The Retool Kit Pathway© is designed for you!
  • Being a Pastor in today's rapidly changing world is a tremendously challenging experience! It can also feel very lonely at times. Pinnacle Ministries is committed to coming alongside Pastors and their families to provide opportunities for Rest, Renewal and Refocusing.

Welcome to Pinnacle

Welcome to Pinnacle

“Healthy Pastors, Healthy Leaders, Leading Healthy and Effective Churches.”  Since its inception, Pinnacle is about helping ensure that the “system” of the church works.  While we started as a pastoral care agency, we also learned that pastors “crash and burn” because they are building the church God never asked them to build, using gifts and passions that aren’t natively theirs.  One can do that for just so long until the energy and determination give out, which can lead to disaster.  But when the system is fully engaged, the Kingdom of God moves forward.  Pinnacle has developed a variety of tools that help you and your system work with peak efficiency!

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Joe and Felicia Isosaki are co-founders of the Beautiful Feet Project. The Beautiful Feet Project strives to equip people to navigate the steep learning curve of ministering to the Japanese, so that they can strategically leverage their unique gifts and passions to create access to Christ, changing the spiritual landscape of Japan. 


The Retool Kit

 The Retool Kit Pathway©  is designed to help you become a vital, Christ-centered, community-focused church.

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