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    We live in an age of both tremendous challenge and tremendous opportunity for pastors and churches. Pinnacle exists to help church leaders scale to new heights of ministry impact in these troubled times. How may we help you?
    Does your church have a shared vision and effective strategies to carry out Christ's mission? If not, The Retool Kit Pathway© is designed for you!
  • Being a Pastor in today's rapidly changing world is a tremendously challenging experience! It can also feel very lonely at times. Pinnacle Ministries is committed to coming alongside Pastors and their families to provide opportunities for Rest, Renewal and Refocusing.

Welcome to Pinnacle

Transforming Leaders as You Transition the Church,

As an interim pastor you play a critical role in preparing the church for its next chapter of ministry.  You will face many issues that you may not be prepared for.  This workshop is designed to help.  You will look at the emotional and spiritual makeup of the people that lead to misunderstandings and solutions that can calm those troubled situations.  The three leaders of this workshop have many years of experience facing all kinds of situations in churches and will share their observations and some practical solutions.

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The Retool Kit

 The Retool Kit Pathway©  is designed to help you become a vital, Christ-centered, community-focused church.

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