We are living in a rapidly changing world!

 Pandemics, political unrest, wars and rumors of war, deep distrust even among friends and neighbors, and a world that considers the church largely irrelevant.

Is your church effective in that environment? How do you know? Would you like to do better?

Pinnacle’s Retool exists to help you answer those questions. Bringing together decades of experience and tools tested and proven, Retool offers to help your church take, “…its next strategic step for Kingdom impact.”

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“…another positive and also long term impact on the church is that with Retool, 67% agreed they have changed their approach in identifying potential leaders and 83% said they are now prioritizing leadership development.  Interestingly, the same percentage acknowledged an increase in membership in their churches…”  (From an independent research project on the impact of Retool)

rē-too͞l′ intransitive verb

  1. To fit out with a new set of machinery and tools for making a different product.
  2. To revise and reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating or improving.
  3. To refocus the energies and impact of the church!

Retooling is a division of Pinnacle. We exist to help pastors and churches take their next step for Kingdom impact.