• Welcome To Pinnacle!
    We live in an age of both tremendous challenge and tremendous opportunity for pastors and churches. Pinnacle exists to help church leaders scale to new heights of ministry impact in these troubled times. How may we help you?
    Does your church have a shared vision and effective strategies to carry out Christ's mission? If not, The Retool Kit Pathway© is designed for you!
  • Being a Pastor in today's rapidly changing world is a tremendously challenging experience! It can also feel very lonely at times. Pinnacle Ministries is committed to coming alongside Pastors and their families to provide opportunities for Rest, Renewal and Refocusing.

Welcome to Pinnacle

To be an effective pastor and have a church of impact – isn’t that what we all want?

But the real question is, “How  do we get there, and then sustain it?”  Pinnacle grew out of the desire to provide effective answers to those two simple questions.  Our vision is to create a movement of community-focused churches that obediently reproduce disciples, leaders and congregations.  We do that with a special focus on the small to mid-sized church.

Whether it’s a need for personal renewal or church refocusing, you’ll find hope and help on this site.  Follow the links to explore some of the possible solutions that can help you and your church.  At Pinnacle we believe that the greatest Kingdom impact can be found with “…healthy pastors, healthy leaders, leading healthy churches.”

A great first step in moving towards greater impact: bring your key leaders to a Becoming A Church of Impact Conference. For more information, check the events calendar or DOWNLOAD the BCOI brochure. 

What previous attenders are saying:

“Very good, practical steps to move from concepts to implementation.”
”“A roadmap to help us as a church connect with our worshippers and community…”
“Foundational elements every church needs!”
“Particularly [good] for pastors starting a new church.  A great aid for planning strategies.”

Interested in hosting an event at your church? Contact us. .

The Retool Kit

 The Retool Kit Pathway©  is designed to help you become a vital, Christ-centered, community-focused church.

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