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Retooling takes new tools! We have a saying, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting…can you live with that?” We offer four carefully chosen tools and coaching that will make a difference in your church. The links will let you download a brochure on the specific tool. Download, review, and then give us a call for more details.

Natural Church Development (NCD)

What if you could take a simple survey and measure the current health of your church? That’s exactly what NCD offers. 30 people take a four page survey, and it measures eight key health characteristics of the church. From that measurement, you can begin to take actions steps to improve the overall health of the church.

For more information, download the brochure.


Outcomes of this tool include an accurate measurement of eight critical health practices of the church, and guided first steps in strengthening their application.

Becoming A Church That Loves Well

Conflict will eat strategy for lunch any day! We’ve all known conflict in our churches. The fact is, a majority of our pastors have little to no training in understanding and dealing with conflict, especially in a group setting. “How To Become A Church That Loves Well” (or as we like to call it, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”) is a one day seminar that explores activating the Body’s own immune system against conflict.

For more information, download the brochure.


Outcomes of this seminar include a better understanding of Matthew 18 and the adoption of a “Leadership Communication Covenant” on how members will treat one another moving forward.

Vision Framing

When you look through a window of your home, you see the view framed by that window. The same is true of the “vision frame” of the church; as you look through it, you see the church’s view of its community.

Vision Framing helps a church answer the crucial questions of, “What? Why? When? How? And Where?” - WHAT’S our mission, WHY are we doing it, WHEN will we know we’ve succeeded, HOW will we do it and WHERE are we going?

For more information, download the brochure.


Outcomes of this tool are a clear view of the key questions that guide a church. As Will
Mancini says, “Clarity isn’t everything, but clarity changes everything."

Retool Kit Pathway

What if a simple retreat is not enough? What if the leadership feels the church needs to do a deep dive into revitalizing its impact in the community? That’s where the Retool Kit Pathway comes in!

Retool Kit is a six-module pathway designed to take a “Vision Community” of 20+ people through a process designed to help the church develop a “Shared vision and effective strategies to impact its community and the world by reproducing healthy disciples, leaders and congregations.” Used around the world it’s a pathway that will help the church renew discipleship and leader development, a healthy biblical community, a new sense of urgency, a fresh look at the church's mission field, a vision based on assessment of the church and mission field, and written plans to implement that vision. This is a tool specially designed to help small to mid-sized churches.

 For more information, download the brochure.


Outcomes include a better understanding of church structure, discipleship, leader development and Biblical community. Participating churches will discover and develop new ministry initiatives that will impact their community and see fresh growth. This is an excellent tool for helping long-established ministries see fresh ministry impact. Is it time to break the mold and take new steps? That’s what Retool will guide you into doing!

Finally - Do you need a break?

Ministry is hard today, and pastors are stressed like never before. One tool that may help refresh the tired pastor is a sabbatical. A sabbatical is not a vacation, nor is it an opportunity to earn a new degree or write a book. It’s a time to renew one's heart for God. Many churches don’t understand the need for a sabbatical policy, and this little booklet, Sabbatical, The Necessary Option, helps leadership teams understand why a sabbatical is the best thing a church can do for itself. It can be hard for a pastor to advocate for a sabbatical for himself, so let us help!

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